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Chetham's Library : Three Centuries of the Written Word

A twenty-four page guide telling the story of the creation of Humphrey Chetham's seventeenth-century library. With an introduction to the collections and a short history of the medieval buildings.

197 x 110 mm
50 colour illustrations

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The History and Architecture of Chetham's School and Library By Clare Hartwell

Cover of the History and Architecture of Chetham's School and Library

This fully illustrated book, full of new and previously unpublished documentation, provides the first comprehensive account of the Chetham's building and its turbulent history.

Clare Hartwell is a freelance architectural historian and writer. She is author of the Pevsner Architectural Guide to Manchester 2001.

192 x 255 mm, softcover
Published by Yale University Press

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Chetham’s: A Century in Photographs

A Century in Photographs

A selection of black and white images from the Library archives, spanning a century of the history of Chetham's from the earliest days of photography to the establishment of the music school in the 1970s. Many date from the end of the nineteenth and beginning of the twentieth centuries, reflecting a bygone age that had changed very little from the foundation of Humphrey Chetham's legacy.

200 x 210 mm, softcover

£6.50 including post and packing to the UK
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Part of a woodcut from the Angler's Vade Mecum


Chetham's Library Facsimile Editions

A new facsimile edition of James Chetham's

The Angler's Vade Mecum:

Or, a compendious, yet full, discourse of Angling: Discovering the aptest methods and ways, exactest rules, properest baits, and choicest experiments for the catching of fresh water fish. Together with a brief discourse of fish-ponds, and not only the easiest, but most palatable ways of dressing all sorts of fish, whether belonging to rivers, or ponds; and the laws concerning angling, and the preservation of such fish.

Universally agreed to be one of the most significant works on the subject, James Chetham's descriptive account of the art and science of fly-fishing is written with experience, clarity, and an acerbic wit. First published anonymously in 1681, the volume deals with every aspect of the sport, containing Chetham's observations on the most commonly encountered fish, descriptions of the dub-flies to be used each month, and an appreciative chapter on roasting, broiling, or stewing one's catch, which even includes an 'excellent French bread to eat fish with'. Praise for his prose style is to be found in Westwood and Satchell's Bibliotheca Piscatoria of 1883: 'He escapes from the category of manual makers, and takes rank, as one of the original writers on the sport'.

The third edition, originally published in 1700. Measuring 15.5 x 21.5 cm. 326 pages with index and two pages of facsimile cuts. Elegantly bound in blue cloth with gold lettering on the spine.

£22.50 including post and packing to the UK
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A new facsimile edition of

Felix Folio:

The hawkers and street dealers of the north of England manufacturing districts; including quack doctors, cheap Johns, book-sellers by hand, bookstall-keepers, watch-sellers, needle-dodgers, "land sharks," alias "turnpike sailors," alias "duffers," nut-sellers, bird-sellers, wild-fowl dealers, "dollopers," flying stationers, street ballad sellers, cheese hawkers, cum multis aliis. Being some account of their dealings, dodgings, and doings, by Felix Folio [pseud. of John Page]

An extremely rare and significant work on street trades in the nineteenth century written by John Page, superintendent of Manchester markets. This lively and readable volume documents some of the frauds and cons in use across the north of England, including important accounts of the street trade in books, ballads and broadsides. Containing a wealth of information not found elsewhere, it will be of great interest to historians of the book trade and students of social history and popular culture.

Cover of the original of Felix Folio

The second edition, originally published in Manchester by Abel Heywood in 1858. Measuring 15 x 21.5 cm, 140 pages. Elegantly bound in dark red cloth with gold lettering on the spine.

£22.50 including post and packing to the UK
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A new facsimile edition of John Hicklin’s

The handbook to Llandudno and its vicinity, including Conway and Penmaenmawr

Originally published in 1861, this comprehensive guide to the town of Llandudno and the wider region of Snowdonia offers a fascinating insight into the development of the area into a popular tourist attraction, as well as being an essential tool for the local historian. Hicklin describes in detail the picturesque qualities of the mountain and coastal scenery, examines local history, tradition and legend, and devotes chapters to natural history, the benefits of sea bathing, pleasure boats and excursions, and the area’s many churches.

An image from Hicklin's handbook to Llandudno

Including many charming woodcut illustrations and several original full-page advertisements.

Measuring 15.5 x 21.5 cm, 180 pages, with a fold–out plan of the town and local area. Elegantly bound in blue cloth with gold lettering on the spine.

£22.50 including post and packing to the UK
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A new facsimile edition of William Hutton’s

A description of Blackpool in Lancashire, frequented for sea-bathing

Originally published in 1817 and giving a lively account of his three-month visit to Blackpool in the summer of 1788, where he found ‘much company, much pride, much vulgarity, accompanied with much good nature’. Including his observations on amusements, boarding regulations, places of worship, and the health benefits of bathing and sea-air.

‘A bell rings at the time of bathing, as a signal for the ladies. Some use machines drawn by one horse. A few travel from their apartments in their water dress; but the majority clothe in the boxes which stand on the beach for their use. If a gentleman is seen upon the parade, he forfeits a bottle of wine.’

Bound together with his

A journey to London; comprising a description of the most interesting objects of curiosity to a visitor of the metropolis

First published in 1818, giving his impressions of the buildings, streets and daily life, including a chapter devoted to the ‘willing ladies’ of the streets, who despite their ‘beauty, elegance and modesty’, ‘could all swear, talk indecently, and drink gin’.

Measuring 15 x 22 cm. 137 pages. Elegantly bound in blue cloth with gold lettering on the spine.

£22.50 including post and packing to the UK
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A new facsimile edition of James Butterworth’s

History and description of the town and parish of Ashton-under-Lyne, in the county of Lancaster, and the village of Dukinfield in the county of Chester

Butterworth’s affectionate and leisurely tour of the town in which he grew up, and its surrounding villages and hamlets, reminds us that nostalgia was felt as strongly in the England of George IV as it is now. Any student of local history, and anyone with Tameside connections, will enjoy his wide-ranging account of an area in which so much still looks familiar, yet in which so much has now changed out of recognition. Butterworth is as careful a student of the families who dominated the still largely rural Ashton of his day as he is of places and ancient times, and nonetheless finds space to give a strong impression of Ashton’s most vigorous period of manufacturing growth. The work is a must for local and family historian alike.

Measuring 15.5 x 21.5 cm. 188 pages. Elegantly bound in maroon cloth with gold lettering on the spine.

£22.50 including post and packing to the UK
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