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Scrapbook made by Eunice C Dodgeon containing images and newspaper cuttings linked to Speedway and various other things. The images and cuttings are from the years 1946-1950.

Syd Newiss' scrapbook that contains photographs of himself and his team mates whilst on tour in Buenos Aires in 1929.

Albion Speedway, Salford official programme for Monday 22nd April 1929. Contains results, fixtures and hand written notes that could be from Syd Newiss.

Postcard containing a picture of Arthur Franklyn posing on his bike. He is described as 'the most successful rider on the White City Track'. The postcard also declares that he is writing an article for the Evening News.

Belle Vue Speedway Illustrated Programme from Saturday 27th June 1959. Contains news, results and fixtures, adverts and pictures.

Belle Vue Speedway Illustrated Programme from Saturday 4th July 1959. Contains news, results and fixtures, adverts and pictures.

Newspaper cutting of an advert for Belle Vue Speedway racing in 1929. Mentioning Syd Newiss and admission fees.

Postcard containing a photograph of C. J. P. Dodson, the winner of the Senior T. T. Race in 1928. He is posing on his Model 90 Sunbeam and there is a picture on the medal that was won.

Belle Vue Bulletin, issue number 17 from 13th July 1929. Contains Belle Vue and Speedway news, results and fixtures and adverts. Also pictures and cartoon drawings.

Souvenir programme of Speedway racing at Leeds Stadium on Saturday 13th July 1929. Contains programme of events and also results and fixtures.

Newspaper cutting from an unknown newspaper in 1929 describing a rider that was injured in a crash during the first racer on a new Speedway dirt track at Belle Vue. The rider is unknown.

'Runs Against Northants' Newspaper cutting (9th July 1929)
Newspaper cutting from an unknown newspaper on the 9th July 1929. Displays information about Speedway racing at Belle Vue and another article about Speedway racer 'Sprouts' Elder.

Photograph of unidentified Speedway racer on the track whilst on tour in Buenos Aires in 1929.

Photograph of Syd Newiss and his team mate on the track at White City in 1928.

Photograph of two Speedway racers on the track at Belle Vue in 1929.

Photograph of the announcement of the winner of the 'Golden Helmet' in Bolton . Syd Newiss won the 'Golden Helmet' award. Jack Parker is holding the microphone. 1950s

Louis Lawson ( a nom-de-plume) rode at Belle Vue 1946-53

Eric Langton speedway racer late 1940s/early 1950s. His brother Oliver, also rode.


Postcard containing signed photograph of Dank Ewan posing on his bike in 1929.
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