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Newspaper cuttings from: Manchester guardian, Daily herald, Daily dispatch, Daily mail

Newspaper cuttings from: Manchester evening news, News chronicle

Newspaper cuttings from: Brighouse & Elland echo, Manchester evening news, Halifax weekly courier & guardian, Glamorgan county times, Evening chronicle, Daily herald, Barnsley chronicle, Blackpool gazette and herald, Empire news

Newspaper cuttings from: Manchester evening news, Stockport express, Telegraph and Argus, Daily record and mail, Gorton reporter, Oxford mail, Daily express, Flight, Daily dispatch, News chronicle, Daily record and mail, Derbyshire times

Newspaper cuttings from: Evening chronicle, Salford city reporter, Evening sentinel, Sheffield telegraph, Manchester guardian, Barrow news, Bristol evening post, British bandsman, Weekly news

Newspaper cuttings from: Daily dispatch, Cornish guardian, Dancing times, Irish news, Evening chronicle, British bandsman, Somerset county gazette, Evening chronicle, Halifax daily courier & guardian, Bristol evening post

Newspaper cuttings from: News of the world, Sunday dispatch, Daily express, Evening dispatch, Belfast telegraph, Evening chronicle, Southport visiter, Daily dispatch, Nottingham evening news, Birmingham gazette

Newspaper cuttings from: Financial times, Sunday chronicle & Sunday referee, Manchester evening news, Daily chronicle, Daily dispatch, Times, Manchester guardian, Evening chronicle, Liverpool echo, Evening news

Newspaper cuttings from: Gorton & Openshaw reporter, Manchester guardian, Evening chronicle, Brighouse echo, Sunday chronicle & Sunday referee

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