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Newspaper cuttings from: Evening News, Daily Dispatch, Daily News, Daily Express, Football Chronicle, Evening Chronicle

Newspaper cuttings from: Gramophone, Evening chronicle, Daily express, Daily dispatch, Nottingham evening post, The daily telegraph, Sheffield telegraph, News chronicle

Newspaper cuttings from: Illus. Sporting & Dramatic news, Daily dispatch, Manchester guardian, Daily sketch, Gorton reporter, Star, Manchester evening news, Empire news

Newspaper cuttings from: Daily sketch, Investors' review, People, Sunday pictorial, Oldham evening chronicle & standard, Manchester guardian, Daily herald, Manchester evening news

Newspaper cuttings from: Daily dispatch, Manchester evening news, Evening chronicle, Manchester guardian, West Lancashire evening gazette, Daily herald, Huddersfield daily examiner, Radio times

Newspaper cuttings from: Manchester evening news, Irish times, Jewish chronicle, West Lancashire evening gazette, Daily dispatch, Manchester city news, Manchester guardian, Daily sketch, Sunday graphic & Sunday news

Newspaper cuttings from: Gorton reporter, Daily dispatch, Manchester guardian, Evening chronicle, Musical times, Investors' review, North Cheshire herald, Evening chronicle

Newspaper cuttings from: News chronicle, Observer, Sunday graphic & Sunday news, Sunday express, Nottingham journal, Sunday dispatch, Daily telegraph, Reynolds news

Newspaper cuttings from: News of the world, Sunday dispatch, Daily express, Evening dispatch, Belfast telegraph, Evening chronicle, Southport visiter, Daily dispatch, Nottingham evening news, Birmingham gazette

Newspaper cuttings from: Daily mirror, Daily mail, Evening news, Evening sentinel

Newspaper cuttings from: Daily herald, Daily express, Sunday chronicle & Sunday referee, Daily mail, Liverpool daily post

Newspaper cuttings from: Daily sketch, Daily record and mail, Daily mail

Newspaper cuttings from: News chronicle, Star, Daily telegraph, Daily dispatch

Newspaper cuttings from: Daily mirror, Daily mail, Nottingham journal, Evening times, Yorkshire evening news, Daily sketch, Sheffield telegraph

Newspaper cuttings from: Daily mail, Daily worker, Daily dispatch, Evening standard, Sheffield telegraph

Newspaper cuttings from: Sunday dispatch, Daily sketch, Daily worker, Manchester evening news, Bolton evening news, Daily dispatch, Nottingham evening news

Newspaper cuttings from: Sunday graphic & Sunday news, Evening standard, Lancashire daily post, Manchester city news, Manchester evening news, Evening news, Daily express, Daily dispatch, Daily telegraph

Newspaper cuttings from: Manchester guardian, Daily dispatch, Manchester evening news, Weekly news, World's fair, Sunday chronicle & Sunday referee, Sunday pictorial
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