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Newspaper cuttings from: Evening News, Daily News, Daily Express, Evening Chronicle, Swinton Independent

The document showing names and details of Speedway racers who are setting sail for Buenos Aires from London. The document states that they will depart on the 26th September 1929 on the Blue Star Steamship Line. Names on the list include Syd Newiss,…

Photograph of Bob Harrison, Arthur Jervis, 'Dusty' Haigh and Oliver Langton on tour in Buenos Aires in 1929. Back of photo shows writing by Syd Newiss naming who the racers are in the picture.

Autograph book belonging to Syd Newiss containing photographs of all Speedway team mates with their autograph next to the picture. The book was created whilst on tour in Buenos Aires in 1929.

Newspaper cuttings from: Illustrated Police News, Daily Dispatch, Evening Chronicle, Manchester Dispatch, Daily Mail

Newspaper cuttings from: Evening Chronicle, Daily Dispatch, Manchester Guardian

Newspaper cuttings from: E. V. Speedway Bulletin, B. V. Speedway Bulletin

Newspaper cuttings from: Sheffield Daily Telegraph, Daily Dispatch, Manchester Guardian, Daily Dispatch, Football Chronicle, Sporting Life, Football News, Sunday Graphic, Daily Mail, Evening Chronicle

Newspaper cuttings from: Auto, Daily Herald, Evening Chronicle, Evening Chronicle

Photograph of Speedway team mates aboard the ship whilst on tour in Buenos Aires in 1929. From left to right: Frank Ducket, Bob Harrison, Syd Newiss, George Corney and 'Dusty' Haigh.
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