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Brearley, Roger, Of Christian Libertie, and other pieces by Josiah Collier, c. 1660

f.1r The contents of this booke. Off Christian libertie and libertinisme By Roger Brearley, minister of the Gospell. By Josiah Collier.

f.2r Single leaf of verse (37/33 lines respectively) "I wott not what quaint humor now of late to write these numbers set my pen agate"

(1) Off true Christian libertie and of libertinisme "I was sometime (as then a stricter man) by some good fellows tearm'd a puritan" ff. 3r-35v

(2) The Soules complaint and gods replye ff.36r-41v

(3) The voice of the Gospell By Josias Collyer ff. 42r-50v

(4) The participation of the cross of Jesus wherein is houlden forth the remembrance of his death till his appearance againe. ff.51r-55v

(5) A description of Babells whore erected in the house of man by the great juggler and ould serpent whose head is broken by the promised seed of the woman. ff.56r-62r

(6) Loving frende "Theres no man can eate of the tree of life or walke in the garden of paradise This is sealed til the Lyon of the tribe of Juda open the seales therewof." ff.63r-68v

(7) An answer to certaine quearies propounded by a frende ff. 69r-72v

(8) A declaration of my owne understanding concerning certaine propositions p[ro]pounded by A Loveing Brother ff.73r-90r

f. pastedown: Catalogue entry no. 3416 from unidentified auction catalogue. Provenance: Crossley sale? Chetham Library label, with MS B 3 21 in ink and pencil note, foliated July 1977 in pencil. Pen trials in ink in C17th hand. r pastedown: Josiah Colliar his booke sent to Mr Alexander Ffetherstone late minister of Gods worde att Benthame. Josiah Collyar. 91 leaves, 18 cm. Foliated in pencil 1977. The 8 sections which make up the manuscript are separately numbered in ink in C17th hand. Binding: C17th full calf, with gilt stamped lozenge design in centre on f. and r. boards. Ties missing. Rebacked, with lettering in gold: Of Christian libertie verse. Brearley, R. Other pieces by John [sic.] Collier.

Brereley's sermons and poems were published posthumously, probably by an obscure admirer named Josiah Collier, first in Edimnburgh in 1670 under the title A Bundle of Soul-Convincing, Directing and Comforting Truths. In 1677 another edition appeared in London, this time with an appendix of Brereley's religious poetry. The manuscript, containing fragments of Brereley's writings, is one of two collections of his work, the other being Lambeth Palace Library MS3461.

Written mainly in hand of Josiah Collier, lay preacher and follower of Roger Brereley (1586-1637), Church of England clergyman and separatist leader, founder of sect known as Grindletonians. See ODNB, David Como, Blown by the spirit: Puritanism and the emergence of an antinomian underground in pre-civil war England (Stanford, 2004), 268-324, J. Darling 'The Grindletonians: Roger Brierley, John Webster, Robert Towne', PhD dissertation, Columbia Univ. 1988. See also Raines MSS, Notes on Brereley.

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